Protecting your family, your business and your assets from threats near and far, real and emerging.

Personal Protection

Our team of industry professionals understands the complexity of providing superior personal protection services. It requires a balance of sound personal safety procedures with a sensitivity to the client’s lifestyle and needs for confidentiality, discretion and flexibility.

Dynamic Security Solutions has provided protection for Fortune 100 CEOs, celebrities, athletes, high-net-worth individuals, royal families and diplomats.
Our global network can assist your team and provide on-the-ground assistance anywhere in the world. Whether you need immediate protection, are planning for a future event, or need a longer-term solution, we can help.

Secure Transportation

Dynamic Security Solutions is a trusted resource for providing secure transportation for a wide range of VIPs, including corporate executives, politicians and celebrities. Our protective agents and drivers are thoroughly trained to transport VIPs safely to and from their destinations to nearly anywhere in the world. Our secure transportation service couples comfort with a protected working environment. Clients can rest assured that the assigned security driver will remove the stress and distraction of ground transportation.

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable local drivers have a large inventory of vehicles to meet your transportation needs. Vehicle tracking and emergency evacuations are incorporated into your transportation plan.

Protective Surveillance

For clients who desire security that is less visible or in some cases undetectable, Dynamic Security Solutions offers agents specifically trained in protective surveillance, risk mitigation and threat detection. Seasoned agents operate in an undercover capacity to blend with the client’s environment. This is an ideal solution for clients who do not want the appearance of having security, yet wish to have protection nearby who can respond quickly, or clients who need assistance in detecting and mitigating problems associated with photographers, disgruntled employees, unpredictable fans, stalkers or persons-of-interest. Associated with this service is non-human surveillance and intelligence gathering using state-of-the-art technology. This service offers the lightest touch approach and solutions for personal, family or property security


Residential Security

For executives, celebrities, well-known athletes and other public figures, there may be no more important need than to secure their primary and secondary residences. Keeping stalkers, paparazzi, kidnappers, corporate and political protesters away from their families and assets is a top priority at Dynamic Security Solutions.

We offer a scalable level of protection that mitigates numerous risks that may arrive at your doorstep. Our armed residential security agents are available on site, providing 24-hour access control protection of all persons and property. Our team is trained to respond to disturbances or emergencies, provide immediate medical aid, interact and coordinate with law enforcement, professionally manage visitors and deliveries, facilitate client/family requests, and perform security functions in an unobtrusive manner.


Corporate Facilities Protection

Dynamic Security Solutions provides both armed and unarmed agents for corporate offices, offering a variety of on-site security and emergency options. Our team will blend into your office environment and company culture to avoid becoming a distraction, but also serve as a deterrent when required. Duties typically performed include physical security and visitor access, roving patrols, escorts, employee termination events, emergency response and many additional functions all aimed at creating and maintaining a safe workplace with the highest level of customer service.


Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Commonly known as sweeping, TSCM involves the detailed inspection of corporate office space and private residences to ensure that no camera, listening, computer-hacking or telephone-bugging devices have been deployed. TSCM is a vital element in the security of any organization. Many companies are unaware that industrial espionage has affected their business until it is too late. By engaging in proactive and preventive measures, businesses can ensure the protection of proprietary information.

Dynamic Security Solutions can provide the latest technologies to secure your office, meeting facilities, residence, special event venue and more. We manage and perform electronic countermeasure sweeps and can evaluate your organization’s vulnerability to electronic eavesdropping. Our customizable programs can provide both short- and long-term solutions.


Surveys and Special Projects

The Dynamic Security Solutions team of subject matter experts and advance agents are experienced in conducting protective advance surveys across the United States and around the world. Security surveys are based on the needs of the client and are flexible by location, circumstance and local conditions. We provide in-house or existing detail support for clients traveling with their own security personnel. And we can perform all security advance and transportation functions so protective coverage is seamless, both before and after the client arrives at their destination.

Being responsive to our corporate client’s needs, we approach other special projects with a laser focus and bring extensive capabilities, subject matter experts and ideas to get the job done.


Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Training

Workplace violence is any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site. It ranges from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults and even homicide. You can’t escape the headlines of seemingly weekly incidents that do not discriminate with regard to geographic area, socio-economic conditions or industry. There is nothing you can do for your employees that is more important than preparing them for a day you hope never comes to pass. We are here to help.

Among the scariest workplace violence scenarios, is an active shooter on your property. Our staff will come to your office and leverage the latest techniques and strategies to mitigate your risk of an incident at your company’s site, and prepare your employees to be ready in case they do.

ASO Program

Since 2005, and as a direct result of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA) launched the DCA Access Security Program. This requires an Armed Security Officer (ASO) on board all charter and general aviation aircraft arriving and departing Reagan National.

ASO’s are law enforcement officers trained by the Federal Air Marshals and authorized by the TSA to fly onboard all aircraft into or out of Reagan National.

Dynamic Security Solution’s ASO staff receives training in Executive Protection, Emergency Medicine, and Aviation Protocols in addition to the training and certifications received from the Federal Air Marshals. Our ASO’s have been providing security for flights into and out of DCA since the DCA Access Security Program was implemented.